Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Deception for a purpose

it truly amazes me that people do things before they think, do the people who read this post really believe an image will change to something because you write something in the comments section? and what's more amazing is that almost no one says anything about this being a fake but simply go on with their day. 189,212 people have been suckered into it and only a handful really recognize this to be a hoax, sadly this is the same thing that is happening in the governments around the world, we are being lied to constantly on a daily basis but continue with our lives like nothing happened.

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this mass apathy that America and the world are in is for a purpose, I believe God put America under a slumber so the people will not recognize the danger and tyranny that is heading it's way in order for God to fulfill his end time plans just like he partially blinded the eyes of the Jews so they will not recognize the true messiah (John 12:40).
America is about to lose its place as the world's super power and about to be judged by God himself, it can happen in different ways, an EMP strike, a nuclear strike, and the upcoming economic collapse which will be followed by civil unrest. most of the churches are a sleep to this as well as I barely see or hear any one preaching about the end times and what dangerous times we are heading in, no one likes to talk about these issues because they are so "not nice" and don't make you "feel good" but you know what? a major portion of the bible including the old testament is dedicated to end time prophecy and it is even written blessed is the one who reads from the book of Revelations, how many of you have been hearing the book of Revelations thought recently?
And if your asking yourself what danger is coming then you should check out alternative media such as and the AlexJoneschannel on youtube because if you follow on the "Real" news that are happening around the world you will realize that there isn't much time left.
America is heading for a complete economic collapse, the government is completely bankrupt and are still spending more and more each year, the public does not feel it because the real crisis has not begun yet, but once things hit the fan it's going to get real bad.
but one does not need to look at America to realize something is wrong in the world, a huge increase in record breaking natural disasters such as; Hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunamis etc... which were prophesied in Luke 21:11, but I believe that the worst disasters as still yet to come, also look at the economic disaster around the world, most of the European countries are bankrupt and are sinking in debt, Greece has riots in the streets but this is just the beginning.

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