Monday, March 4, 2013

A logo, an Ice sculpture and a medal for president Obama and more armored vehicles for DHS

So Mr.Obama is going to receive a special medal to his honor, a logo was made for his visit and a big ice sculpture will be made for him as well! I find this very bizarre especially due to the fact that the Obama administration can't even admit that the capital  of Israel is Jerusalem, and not to mention that they are funding the Muslim brotherhood in Egypt with Billions of American tax dollars and F-16's, the Israeli's either are completely blind to who he really is and what his agenda's are or there is a major political agenda behind this move, will be interesting to see what happens this march at his visit.


And DHS purchases 2,700 light armored tanks to go with their 2.0+ Billion bullets stockpile a step further to bring in the police state.



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