Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Tyranny in America

For those who are not sure whats going on but have some sort of a feeling that something is not right in America and the world well then you are right it seems like the world is going down the drain faster then we can imagine with Genetically modified(GMO) ingredients in our food and soon to be passed by the FDA a GMO Salmon, and the fact that the tap water contain floride which is poison and that people in the US are addicted to perscription drugs that are perscribed to them by their doctors instead of getting down to the root of the problem for example; having a balanced diet with superfoods and nutritional value foods, taking vitamins and supplements and getting plenty of vitamin D from the sun can solve most of health problems people have if not all of them (even cancer and diabetes) but hey I am a conspiracy theorist just because I believe in alternative and natural remedies that actually work.

Anyway back to the subject... California just started gun confiscation from people with criminal record and those who are suspected to have mental illness, what right do the government has to infringe upon the second amendment? if there is a suspicion of some one with mental illness then there should be an investigation or a comity of psychiatric evaluation for individualks which are holding a firearm and are suspected to be mentally ill, but sadly this is not the case they are going from house to house and grabbing on weapons without any right and proof. same thing with individuals who have criminal record, some of them are really good people who learned their lessons and living a law abiding life, don't they have the right to protect themselves and their family? this is how tyranny in America starts first they are going for the mentally ill and the fellons, then US Veterans and then old people etc... this is how the Nazi's under Adolf Hitler started.
Sadly most people are asleep and don't care about this but that is simply human nature, the normality bias kicks inn and most of the population just too lazy and apathetic to do anything just like the Jews in Germany when the prosecution started the rich Jews had a hard time to believe that it is happening and they thought that Hitler's bark is not as bad as his bite, sadly same thing is happening in America, most people are busy watching their favorite shows on TV and following on American idol and celebrities and the guys? busy with watching their favorite sports channel or some other type of useless brain numbing show, don't get me wrong sports is great when you do it and you can watch it once in awhile but today its more then that it has become an a cult. most of the younger generation is brain washed through TV and video games and could care less about whats happening around them and even less about the fact that their country wherever they are is being  taken over by tyrannical criminals. this was part of a big plan that has started not today but many years ago to bring down America and once America loses it's status as a superpower global tyranny will be possible.
now you probably are saying to yourself America is never going to collapse but here's the deal, every empire throughout history from Babylon the great to ancient Rome they all crumbled down and the United States of America is not different, God had a plan for America and it has been fulfilled, in my opinion America served as the mediator of the world you can say that America was used as a barrier from other countries like China taking over Taiwan and other dictatorial nations that were halted because of the fear from America, once the US will collapses in whatever way that will happen, Nukes from Russia, Korea, Iran or an economic collapse 16 trillion dollars in national debt as of writing of this article.

we know what is about to happen because God has revealed it to us in his prophecies in the book of Revelation and Daniel, we know that a man called the anti christ will rule for 42 months and he has to be a political leader that will prosecute the believers in Yeshua and it will be a horrible time, a time of running and hiding and preaching God's truth whenever possible.
God has called us to prepare both physically and spiritually and pray constantly that we may have the strength and courage to survive the horror's that are coming (Luke 21:36)

As of today most of the Christian world is under an illusion that we will not be here when the anti Christ's reign begins(3.5 years of the second part of the 7 year tribulation) and they will be completely shocked and unprepared both spiritually, mentally and physically for whats conning. DO NOT be one of them, do your research, watch the movie "After the tribulation"  rapture-happens-after-tribulation.html and for goodness sake read the bible yourself and let the spirit to guide you through the scripture instead of relying on commentaries and ideas of other people. I recommend an excellent tool of analyzing the true meaning of the bible through going down to the original Hebrew and Greek text because there is no 100% accurate bible translation and some times to get the true meaning you need a tool that can translate you the exact words you are wondering about such a tool is the interlinear scripture analyzer and you can get it here: Download page for interlinear scripture analyzer this tool is an invaluable tool if you like to find out what God really meant in the scriptures.

Do not worry and despair as we are called to be alert and prepare for the coming of the lord and understand that there will be survivors that will go through the tribulation and will be transformed and caught up with the Lord in the heavens when he comes back (1 thessalonians 4:17) so lose no hope, even if we are to perish in these horrible times ahead we know that something much better awaits for us in the Kingdom of our father. (John 14:2)


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