Monday, April 15, 2013

Boston Marathon Bombings seems like a false flag

Today a little before 3PM explosions killed 2 and injured over 40 people, a horrible event that left it's victims without limbs. but who's responsible? not surprisingly shortly after the attack a suspect was in custody and of course it is an arab.
I do not believe this was done by a Jihadi or a Muslim extremist as there were reports of bags left unatended before the explosion, the Muslim suicide bombers sacrifice their own body in the name of Allah and blow themselves up, not in this case which makes me believe that this is yet another false flag done by those incharge above to take the little liberty that we the American people still have left.
9/11 was no exception it was a complete hoax an inside job to introduce and pass the unconstitutional bill "The patriot act" that allows the government spy on its people's phone calls and emails without warrants and also to have an excuse to enter afghanistan for it's resources, Bin Laden? really? its all one big hoax and the people fell for it.
this has happened all throughout history, the Roman empire used the same dirty tactics in order to gain power and control and start wars. the Germans did the same they staged a false flag on their own base as if  it was attacked by the Polish and hence created an excuse to invade into Polland which led to the beginning of World War 2.
History seems to repeat itself and the United States of America is no different, the Sandy hook shooting was another false flag completely designed to brain wash the public into thinking that guns are bad and they need to be banned, hey it worked in the past with Stalin, Mao and Hitler no reason it wont work now.
See how a Sandy Hook donation page was created 3 days before the actual shooting event:

Now what makes me think that the bombing in Boston was a flase flag? well just as with Sandy hook there are pages on facebook that were created days prior to the event.

Link to the page:

Interesting to note that Boston marathon bombing happened on same day as 'controlled explosion' drill by Boston bomb squad, link to the article:

It may turn out this was not a false flag after all which I highly doubt but rest assured it will be used this way or the other for some sort of political gain and further taking away from the rights of the American people.

These events will keep happening until Americans are stripped from all of their rights and finally unable to resist the world order that is coming. bringing down America is the last stage before complete entire global Tyrany is possible, strip the people away from their rights take their God given right to bear arms to protect themselves and mission accomplished, Hitler and other fellow Tyrants will agree.

My prayers go to those who got injured in this monstrous event and their families.

God give us strength to face the future.


04.17.2013 update:

  04.18.2013 update:

private military contractors on the scene  


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