Friday, July 12, 2013

Pope is an anti christ

Today Christians are taught to believe that the anti christ will suddenly appear from no where on the world stage just before the 7 year tribulation and sign a peace treaty with many that will set off the 7 year period, but in fact this could not be further from the truth, we have the man of perdition prophesied by Daniel the prophet in Daniel 9:27 sitting in the vatican and controlling world affairs from Rome.
Today all the main stream prophecy teachers such as Hal lindsey, Joel Rosenberg, Jack Van impe and many others teach about the secret rapture that will happen just before the mysterious anti christ appears on the world scene when in fact that every pope that ever served in the vatican was an anti christ. the papacy prosecuted true believers who wanted nothing with the Babylonian pagan religion of Rome, all they wanted was to serve God according to scripture, those believers who defied the vatican were murdered in the millions over the ages.
Most believers have no revelation at all regarding the identity of the true anti christ, the false prophecy teachers point to every direction except the vatican and the pope they NEVER speak of the vatican as the mystery Babylon the true place where the anti christ comes from, they never speak of who really the pope is and how much unimaginable power he has, how corrupted their system of faith and how demonic their rituals really are, they never mention that the Vatican has Jesuit universities all around the world where all the politicians, presidents and world leaders are trained and groomed to become future leaders, it is all planned, there are no elections, there are no votes, the Jesuit order controls everything. you can look it up yourself on wikipedia type in, Jesuit universities around the world or Jesuit university graduates, you will see there CEO's and major country presidents and leaders, this is the true conspiracy that the world knows nothing about.

The wars and conflicts will just get worse and worse because it has too, in order for the anti christ to bring a 7 year peace agreement he first needs to have controlled and rigged conflicts around the world and this is exactly whats happening, Syria and Egypt are in turmoil, so are other countries such as Turkey, Egypt's new president is of course Jesuit trained.

Some people think that Obama is the anti christ, Obama is just a puppet, always was, he is of course Jesuit trained just as Joe Biden the vice president, they are taking their order from the vatican ruled by the black pope which is the general and has complete authority over the world.
Understand that the new world order is already at work, the world government is in place and a network of control is ready to be used when the time is right, in an instant everything will be cut off and the world will crash, stock market will collapse following a world wide depression. the black pope has the power to make this happen any time he wants, the black pope is st francis the current pope, so he is both the pope and the vatican general. why do you think that all of the world leaders come to the pope? why they all kiss his hand? what is so special about the pope that Obama went many times before he even visited Israel? they are all under his authority and all leaders are subordened to the pope. just look at the following images;

 House Speaker Nancy Pelosi of Calif. greets Pope Benedict XVI, as President Bush and Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice look on. (AP Photo / April 16, 2008)

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