Monday, January 27, 2014

Nephilim, Giants, Demons and our dark forgotten history.

I recently watched a very interesting video on youtube from the "God in a nutshell project" by Trey smith, he did some extensive research about a lot of the unexplained phenomenons in our world, about demons and Giants and creatures that lived and still live today and are proved by their fossil record, of course after around 1950's fossil records of giants and nonhuman creatures started to disappear from the museums as the theory of evolution became more popular and eventually was adapted by the secular science world.
there are things in our history that are worth researching and there is so much than the secular world wants us to know, evidence shows there were actually living titans and enormous giants that walked the earth and consumed man kind to the point God had to restart everything from scratch(the flood).
I do not necessarily endorse everything presented in this video such as an underworld where demons torture people after they die or the symbol of the cross that supposedly is God's symbol throughout history(the cross is a pagan symbol used as far as ancient Egypt and even before) but the video is worth watching and quite an eye opener to how much more there is to learn about our very dark and astounding history.

you can watch the video here:

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