Tuesday, May 13, 2014

multiple universe theory AKA the Elvis theory and our not so random existence

Multi verse AKA the Elvis theory which states that there are an infinite number of universes beyond ours where you have different earth's and different histories and timelines where Elvis is still alive hence the Elvis theory nickname.

people who believe our universe and everything in it including our earth and everything in it came into existence by mere random chance like to use the Elvis theory to explain how is it even possible that we are here which is a mathematical impossibility, just an example on how improbable would it be for even a cell to be created on its own; to create a living cell you need proteins which have the exact amount and order of amino acids, the chances for these amino acids colliding with each other and creating the right proteins in the right order with all the cells complexities(which are very complex) are trillions and trillions to one, which is an obsolete mathematical impossibility, even if a living cell would be created somehow out of non living material you would still need other cells to be created simultaneously to support that first cell or otherwise the first cell would die immediately, the chances for that are astronomical but with the multi verse theory anything is possible since you have an infinite number of universes where you have infinite number of possibilities for such impossible odds to take place.
however there is one major problem with the multi verse Elvis theory, is that if we are the "lucky" one that everything seem to come together so perfectly and create a perfect universe, time, matter our earth and everything in it how come this "luck" suddenly stopped? if we live in such a lucky universe we would at least see every once and a while things come into existence out of nothing right? we would see new species been created every day or two, I am not even talking about life coming into existence outside of our planet but on earth.
the truth of the matter is there is nothing lucky about our universe and nothing random, what we observe is natural laws of physics that have been in place since we could record history and there have been NEVER a case of any random life being created or ANY new species ever been created from another species, not even a hint of it.
even after 50 years of breeding fruit flies and zapping and radiating them into oblivion in a hope that they will change into a different creature they still turn into..well, fruit flies. the scientists conclusion: the fruit flies are immune to evolution.

The Elvis theory is mere science fiction and did make a great show in the 90's "sliders" but has no basis and no evidence of such thing to exist except in the minds of scientists.
if we indeed would live in such random and lucky universe we would at least be able to see traces of this luck but we cannot find any.

Our universe is fine tuned, from the smallest particle to the biggest animal on earth everything is built with a purpose and a plan, each creature including us have a perfectly designed DNA structure which is actually deteriorating over time instead of getting better, we are losing genetic information because of entropy which effects everything while evolution claims the exact opposite that we are gaining genetic information and evolving to become better.

There must be a creator because if we are honest there is no other option, our God the God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob, the God of Israel.
we are here for a mere moment, a blink of an eye and than we are gone, this life is a test, to see who really want to serve God.
what we do in this life will be remembered forever.

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Will there be a third Jewish temple?

is there a need for a third Jewish temple?
most of the Jews believe there is and maybe such temple will be built but do we really need a third temple? is it necessary?
the temple of God was a formal place of worship for all those who believed in the God of Israel and it was also used as a place where daily sacrifices and offerings were made to cover the sins of the people, the prophet Daniel prophesied in Daniel 9:27 that messiah will make a covenant with many which he did, that is the new covenant promised in Jeremiah 31:31-34 and he will be killed in a horrible way in the middle of the 7 years which is his 3.5 years of his ministry, it also says in that chapter that messiah's death will put an end to daily offerings and sacrifice.
just as prophesied messiah was killed after 3.5 years and the veil that separated from the holy place of the temple to the holy of holy's was torn, the holy of holies is no ordinary place, it is the place where God himself dwell among the people and no one could enter that place of the temple except the ordained priest who could enter once a year, the veil being torn indicated that God's spirit no longer resided in the holy of holies, the temple was void of God, he also put an end to the temporary sacrificial system and replaced it with a final one, messiah yeshua from Nazareth who gave himself as a ransom for the sins of the world just as it was prophesied in chapter 53 of Isaiah.
the other 3.5 years from Daniel 9:27 were fulfilled by his disciples who took the good news from the Jews to the gentiles hence the 7 from Daniel 9:27.
Daniel also prophesied the destruction of the temple by the "prince" and indeed the temple was destroyed by the Roman prince Titus at 70AD.
I see a lot of talks about a coming 3d Jewish temple and the Jewish community is very excited about, but I don't think there is a need for once. I know there will be a permanent temple in the new heaven and new earth or during the millennial reign because it is mentioned in Ezekiel chapters 40-48
but until then we are to be the temple of God by showing example and telling people about the good news.