Thursday, March 26, 2015

Jesus means Zeus?

Did you know that Jesus is actually a Latin/Greek adaptation word of Zeus (Je-Zeus)? Jesus is not a true translation from the messiah's Aramaic/Hebrew name Joshua or Yeshua, the reason for this is because Constantine who merged his pagan sun god worship with the early followers faith in messiah which was already being corrupted shortly after messiah was murdered which is not surprising considering how fast it took the Israelites to turn their back on God almighty while Moses was still on the mountain receiving instructions! people have very weak patients and extremely short memory.

Joshua or Yeshua the messiah was turned from a man into the pagan sun god Zeus which is sadly worshiped by most of the christian world today. some branches of catholic churches even depict their Ea Zeus(Jesus) with the round sun around his head, you can  see it in many paintings and art works.

Also notice how the catholic bishops, priests and the pope are holding their sun worship idols;

The cross itself is an ancient symbol of sun worship as well, but that is a topic for another article.

Although protestant churches disconnected from the Roman catholic church because of corruption, a time which is known as the great reformation, these protestant branches still hold the same pagan teachings of the sun god and and use the same symbols and idols that the Roman catholic church does and of course most of them worship on SUNday, by worshiping a sun god man they are breaking the first and most important commandment of them all, you shall have no other gods besides your God almighty.

So what happened? how come the story of Jesus is the same throughout so many civilizations and pagan religions?(virgin birth, death, resurrection, enter into divinity etc..) how did it end up in the bible? well you got to keep in mind that the bible that we have today was heavily tempered with, the 1611 King James Bible old testament was not even translated from the original Hebrew text and much error and corruption found its way into its chapters, many verses were altered to fit the trinity doctrine as well and since the Roman catholic church was responsible for printing and controlling who can even read the bible you can rest assured they inserted as many stories as they wanted to fit their god man Je Zeus into their pagan religion.
I do believe however that much of the bible is true, especially the old testament, but we have to always compare the old to the new, that is how we know when some thing is true or not, messiah taught about the law of God(the torah) which tells me that he was a true messiah since the law of God is good and never changes, God did not give his laws to the Israelites as a temporary thing, God's laws are part of God and are eternal and to be kept as such. Since Yeshua messiah is the true anointed one from God I would assume that the story of his birth as it is described in the bible is probably fabricated and his true birth story was taken out or simply never written.
If you really compare the new testament to itself you will realize that there are many serious contradictions in it and it is far from the perfect book inspired by God that Christians think it is, claiming such a thing is being completely ignorant to history, whether its by mistake or by choice you can't deny the monstrosities Christianity 
committed against other religions and people's who did not want to take any part of the Roman catholic cult. the crusades and the dark ages is just one example which could take an entire article by itself to tell.

The real Messiah was a teacher of the law, a mere man anointed by God the father that came to show people the way of the true God. messiah was not god almighty in the flesh as the pagans turned him into, he was just a man and probably was also imperfect before his ministry began,which is why he had to be baptized as it was required by the law, baptism means purification of sin and a new start, only then God approved Joshua the messiah as his son in which he was well pleased.

Constantine also moved the day of worship from Sabbath(seventh day) to SUN-day(the first day) the reason is also because the day of his sun worship was on SUNday.
Remember that messiah said that until heaven and earth will pass away not the smallest word from the law will disappear which means the law of God stands firm for eternity just as it did during creation and just as it does now and forever because heaven and earth will never pass away, it will only go through a transformation.
He also warned about those who teach that the law of God(the torah) is irrelevant. This means that the fourth commandment to keep the sabbath holy still stands and always will, we need to rest and give that day to our Lord.

It is sad that Christianity is supposedly based on the Hebrew faith but takes almost nothing from it but rather invents itself in a very clever way that throws away everything that is Godly and twists all the pagan beliefs in such a way that it seems like it is true teachings from God. I myself been there at the beginning of my spiritual journey and believed what they teach which today I know to be false, I kept searching and asking and researching and praying, always praying for God to reveal me the truth and correct me if I am wrong, be ready for God to reveal to you things you wished you never know, if you sincerely pray to him, he will answer, he will open your eyes and it will get extremely overwhelming at first, but you get used to it and his spirit will keep you sane.
It turns out that Christianity is the biggest deception the world has ever seen and ever will, we are warned about this great deception, messiah said that the deception will be so strong that if it were possible even the elect would be deceived, he was sadly speaking of Christianity.
Christians think they are living in a world of pagans, while that is true they are unknowingly part of the pagan church and are pagans themselves who are waiting for some day when the world will be deceived by some man known as the antichrist while they don't understand it is them that are deceived and that there has been and are many anti christ living today among us, it was not about one man that will deceive the world.
It truly saddens me to see good well meaning Christians worship a sun god on Sunday and are being taught lies by their pastors and priests, I don't know what will happen at the day of judgement but I know that the teachers who teach lies will be dealt with harshly and those who were ignorant of the truth will probably be judged according to how much they knew, each man and woman will be judged accordingly and fairly because God is just.
Go back to the torah, read the old testament which is the foundation for everything that messiah taught(remember that at the day of messiah there was no new testament, he was teaching the torah) keep God's commandments and ask for forgiveness in the messiah's name if you slip into sin.

Blessings to you the reader, for understanding the truth and a gentle heart.